taste of roma

“Taste of Roma” is a festival that has been going on for six years at the end of September in Rome, at the hangar gardens of the Auditorium Parco Della Musica.
During the four-day festival, guests will be able to meet the most important Roman chefs, taste their dishes and learn about their culinary philosophy, having the opportunity to participate and learn secrets and techniques during cooking shows or masterclass.
Selected restaurants and chefs have created a four-course menu to bring all visitors to high-end cuisine without spending a huge amount.
For the festival 15 chefs and their respective restaurants located in the expansive Rome were selected:

  • Adriano Baldassarre – Tordomatto
  • Alba Esteve Ruiz – Marzapane Rome
  • Alessandro Narducci – Acquolina
  • Angelo Troiani – The Convivio Troiani
  • Cristina Bowerman – Glass Hostaria
  • Daniele Usai – The Tino
  • Fabio Ciervo – The Terrace of Eden
  • Francesco Apreda – Imago at Hassler
  • Giulio Terrinoni – For me
  • Heinz Beck – La Pergola – Hotel Rome Cavalieri
  • Kotaro Noda – Bistrot 64
  • Luigi Nastri – Post Office
  • Massimo Viglietti – Enoteca al Parlamento
  • Roy Caceres – Metamorphosis
  • Stefano Marzetti – Mirabelle Hotel Splendide Royal

In addition to these 15, there will also be additional guests.
All visitors will be able to meet their favorite chefs, see how they cook, but above all taste the delicacies cooked during tastings, and learn with exciting show-cooking, and cooking classes.


Find all the information you need at https://www.tasteofroma.it/