Stuffed pepper with Tuna 270 gr


  • Stuffed Peppers with Tuna-fish in oil
  • 100% Calabrian certified origin pepper
  • 270 Gr (9.84oz) Glasses jar
  • 12 jars per box
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The “Peperoncina di Calabria” (Chili pepper from Calabria – Italy) indicates the set of cultivars exclusively grown in Calabria and belonging to the Capsicum Annuum L. L.

The Stuffed Peppers with Tuna-fish in oil is a ready to eat  appetizer, GMO free,  with Calabrian certified origin.

We check every step of the supply chain with our specialist agronomists to produce Calabrian chili pepper.
From the selection of the best chilies varieties, passing through the harvest to the production in glass jars, pails, pouches etc. From seed to fork every step of the production chain is certified.


Delizie di Calabria



Delizie di Calabria


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