Pasta and cheese…a happy marriage that has its roots in very remote times.

In the Italian tradition, pasta can be seasoned in many ways, but without the cheese something is often lost: it is an ingredient that enhances the goodness of pasta, enhances the intense aroma of wheat, cheers and also gives vigor. with the most bland sauce; then if we combine it with a quality pasta and a sauce with flakes, there are few better things. Pasta with cheese without the sauce makes sense, pasta with sauce without cheese…a little less. 

pasta and cheese

Cheese can be an extra detail to give character to the pasta in question, but it can also be the great protagonist. Have you ever thought about how the texture and flavor of a pasta changes with the presence of cheese? Have you noticed the difference between a pasta with cheese that is sautéed in a pan, creamed over the heat, with the cheese added at the last moment directly to the plate or au gratin in the oven?

In this regard we see 3 pasta with cheese combinations of our tradition that see the great protagonist cheese, declined in all its forms.

Pasta, Potatoes and Parmesan

One of the standard-bearers of the tradition of recycled Campania cuisine, consists of a very particular pasta soup, because its consistency is not liquid, but creamy. To cook it you will have to use the mixed pasta format, as tradition dictates, and add it to the potatoes in a pan until you get a cream that must be enriched, in the last minutes of cooking, with the addition of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese crusts: this trick gives a particular aroma and an interesting texture.

Pasta, Cheese and Black Pepper

For the cacio e pepe, without a doubt, a large spaghetti should be used. This pasta made with pecorino romano and pepper can exist in two versions, more rustic or more creamy: both delicious, it’s up to you to choose your favorite. 

Pasta with pesto

Pesto is very rich in cheese and in its original and traditional recipe there are two types, Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino. The two cheeses give this sauce a strong and decidedly savory note, which softens by marrying with the softness and sweet note of durum wheat pasta. Any type of pasta goes well with pesto, but the best are linguine, trofie, spaghetti and fusilli.


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