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Traditional recipes… ready in 10 minutes. The line “Risotto”, traditional recipes to be served in 10 minutes. Ready risotti with a high service content for you that you have to save time in the kitchen, but you want to bring to the table taste and health: guaranteed result, no preservatives, no glutamate, no hydrogenated fats. We choose natural and high quality dehydrated ingredients to give our risottos a real flavour, and keep unchanged all nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the recipe, so we don’t need natural enhancers such as glutemate!

About the Brand

Riso Scotti is the leader of a team of high-tech companies, some specialized in growing, research and experimentation, others in the manufacture, processing and marketing of rice. Tradition, technology, investment, a lot of efforts and firmness are reflected in products designed for the consumer who knows how to choose: the target which constantly inspires our research. Today the food is asked not only to be a source of nutrition, but also to improve durability and quality of life, and then to act as a central element in the prevention and maintenance of the best well-being. Riso Scotti, in accordance with these changing nutritional needs, acts as company-partner to the consumer, proposing a new alimentation, good for enhancing the health-conscious principles, and functional benefits of rice, without renouncing to taste: a diet that comes from rice and meets the needs of those who want to eat for pleasure but also to stay healthy. 




Parboiled rice, rice flour, flavouring preparation of fish, Vegetable broth, salt, tomato, clam,squid, cuttlefish, shrimps, powdered oilve oil, gluose syrup, milk protein

May contain trace nuts and soy

For more information about Riso Scotti and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!

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