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The “Macoritti” by Macoritto Valentino are short breadsticks with different flavours, perfect for accompany meals or eaten as snacks.

The Classic Macoritti are created with extra virgin olive oil. They are very crispy and suitable as a simple and genuine snack at any time of the day.


The Macoritto bakery produces bakery products since 1961, interweaving tradition with innovation. The company produces many different products: bakery sweets, biscuits, Macoritti, breads, pastries and seasonal products. Theese products are divided into three lines: the fresh line, the Macoritti line and the bio line.

The strengths of Macoritto Valentino company are many, including: accurate selection of quality raw materials, blend of innovation and tradition, passion and experience and attention to the ultimate consumer


Macoritto Valentino


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