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This gift set comes with sun-dried zucchini, tomatoes, seasoning and truffle oil. Added to any tomato sauce or just grilled up on their own this will give a little something to each of your favourite dishes. Originating from tuscany, these products are rich in flavours. The sun-drying progress capture the essennces of traditional Italian food. Perfect to set up a tasty meal for the whole family! 

About the Brand

In a quest to produce the finest olive oil in Tuscany, the Raffaelli family began to plant their first trees around the end of the 19c and were soon receiving acclaim from all fortunate enough to enjoy, leading to young Enrico’s plans to make their oil available to those outside the region. The methods have remained unchanged for four generations and remain true to their origins of a century ago: the finest olives picked by hand and brought to the presses with twenty four hours, extracted by cold pressing in mills with stone pounders and unfiltered, but stored for eighteen months in a temperature controlled environment to allow natural sedimentation.




Zucchine, tomatos,  salt

 For more information about Raffaelli and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!

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Raffaelli Oil & Fine Foods

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