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Ideal gift set for the Italian Cuisine ethusiast. This appetizer or Antipasto gift set is a great gift or even for yourself to plan an Italian themed dinner party with, it has all the basics covered and is bounded to please everyone. Choosing the best products from all different regions of Italy, we have created a tour of Italy from the comfort of your own home.This gift set includes high quality 100% Italian products, and  free delivery


  • 400g wheel of Salcis Tomato Infused Pecorino cheese
  • 400g wheel of Salcis Herb Infused Pecorino cheese
  • A 200g stick of La Fattoria di Parma Italian salami with wooden cutting board
  • One 180g  jar of Raffaelli black olive cream
  • A slice of 250g Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese
  • One 190g jar of Casa Rinaldi tuna stuffed chilli peppers


Pecorino cheese is absolutely delicious alone with it’s distinct flavour and aroma, we would suggest to cut each wheel into thin slices and to be served with bread or crackers. The Pecorinos included in this set are both infused with different flavours giving this cheese a little something special. 

The jar of Raffaelli Black olive cream is the perfect condiment to be served on a crusty loaf of bread. The crushed black olives make this the ideal appetizer, with a distinct and exquisite taste, it is bound to please any palate.

This stuffed hot peppers in extra virgin olive oil filled with paste of tuna fish, anchovies capers, parsley, salt and vinegar from Casa Rinaldi. These bitsize chili peppers are the perfect treat for any dinner party as an appetizer! Rich in flavour, these tuna stuffed chili peppers will make your taste buds come alive, the mix of salty and sweet has been perfected. 

The Salami Strolghino of salted pork is done with the trimmings of lean salted pork and ham Flake is why onlyleg meat. It may have a relatively short curing time of 15–20 days, which results in a very tender product resembling fresh, raw sausage meat. Coming with a wooden cutting board this product is simply divine. 

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