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Aceto Balsamico di Modena obtained from the slow fermentation of cooked grape must matured in oak barrels for up to three years. The high density, good balance, persistent perfumes and its enveloping flavor, make this a fine vinegar dressing. Bottle of 250 ml

About the Brand

Lambrusco di Sorbara, appreciated and renowned worldwide, is one of the most prestigious wines of Modena and the Emilia Romagna region. Acclaimed for its colour, lightness and its genuine and exuberant character, it is the ideal wine for all occasions: festivities, events or friendly gatherings. With its intense and fragrant aroma, Lambrusco is a versatile wine for all tastes and for people with a bubbly nature just like the wine. Each bubble releases the knowledge and tradition of those who have successfully been producing good wine, such asLambrusco Cavicchioli, for over 80 years.




cooked grape must , wine vinegar

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Brand of Italian Balsamic Vinegar


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