Pasta & LentilsPasta & Lentils is a typical dish cooked by grandmothers and handed down from generation to generation. It’s perfect for the cold winter evenings. It may have a dense or more liquid texture and can be flavored for example with bacon, so it can be also liked by children.






  • 350 g of Soup Pasta
  • 220 g of lentils
  • 80 g of bacon
  • 100 g of tomato sauce
  • 80 g of carrots
  • 80 g of onions
  • 60 g of celery
  • 1 l of Vegetable Broth
  • 40 g of grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1 spoon of fresh garlic
  • 1 sprout of Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • 1 g of dried chili
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sale and Black pepper



First, prepare the sauce: chop the onion, celery, and carrot then, in a large saucepan, pour the oil and add chopped. Then add the clove of garlic. Sprinkle with a bowl of broth and let the stew dry.

Meanwhile, cut the bacon into cubes and pour into the saucepan. Mix all the ingredients well and then, using pliers, remove the clove of garlic. Slice the lentils under the running water and add them to the sauce. Then add the chopped chili pepper, combine tomato paste and sprigs of rosemary and thyme. At this point add the broth until all the condiment is covered well, then cover the saucepan and let it cook low for about 40 minutes until the lentils are held.

Add some broth stick to cook the pasta and let it cook for about ten minutes. Once the pasta is cooked you can decide: if you prefer a more vexing result, stretch it again with the broth until you get the desired consistency.

When pasta is ready to adjust salt and pepper, leave, and add grated Parmesan cheese. Take a couple of minutes before you dip.