Italian Grana Padano 20 months (300g) – Ambrosi Riserva


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About the Brand

Ambrosi Grana Padano spa is a market leader in premium specialty Italian cheeses in Italy and abroad due to the high quality of its products, its leading edge technology and certifications combined with a state of the art logistics system. Ambrosi, Italian quality and tradition since 1942. The criteria for the high standard of quality have evolved over the years, influenced by both organoleptic aspects and regulatory aspects required to meet the highest levels of food safety for the consumer. Ambrosi has always considered these criteria to be an integral part of its business. Ambrosi spa has always fostered strong relationships with its suppliers evolving into a deep understanding of all facets of premium Italian cheese production thus assuring the highest quality and integrity of the products.




Milk, salt, rennet

For more information about Ambrosi spa and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!

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