Truffle, in Italy, over the years has become increasingly expensive and less accessible. In particular, this year it reached the cost of 350 euros/hectogram. According to Coldiretti’s studies and analyzes based on the trend of the market of the white truffle of Alba and Acqualagna (in Piedmont), Italian truffles reached this exorbitant cost due to the atmospheric and climatic difficulties that characterized 2017. In fact, the rains and exaggerated heat have made it difficult to pick truffles. This gem to be able to develop needs terrains that must remain fresh and humid throughout the growing period.

In Italy during the Autumn period there are many events and exhibitions that are organized on the theme “truffle”, two of the most important and well-known are: Alba White Truffle Fair (now at the 87th edition) and the National Truffle Show precious white of the Marches in Sant’Angelo in Vado, in the province of Pesaro, in the Marches (54th edition).During these events around 200,000 official collectors supply stores and restaurants, for an estimated business around half a billion euros.

Visitors can also discover, taste truffles and all their varieties, and buy it at the best prices by avoiding the deceit of the sale of low-cost imports considered Italian. In order to deepen the issue of counterfeit truffles of Italian origin, the European Commission has established that the place of harvest or cultivation and origin of the product must be included in the documents accompanying the sale of the product or on the label.



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