Extra virgin oil is a typical ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, whose characteristics are scientifically recognized as essential for the growth of children and the well-being of adults. Medicamentous and anti-inflammatory properties are the best known peculiarities of it which, according to authoritative studies, has excellent effects even on postpartum depression, but above all on the development of the fetus and in the pre-conception phase.

Extra Virgin

The polyphenol content, in fact, gives the EVO oil a medicinal action, while the oleocanthal molecule has anti-inflammatory effects, comparable to those of ibuprofen. Furthermore, the benefits of it can also be seen during breastfeeding as mothers who take the ingredient regularly transmit the excellent substances to their children. Even in the past, although there were not many scientific attestations, the usefulness it was so much recognized that it was a fundamental element in the nutrition of the little ones, diluted with cow’s milk and water, in fact, it replaced infant formula. It should also be remembered that regular consumption of evo olive oil helps prevent obesity if included in a healthy and balanced meal plan from early childhood. The important thing is to choose a good quality product that guarantees optimal health effects.

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