The dosage of saffron to put in a recipe obviously depend on what you have to do and the chef’s inspiration…If you are making the classic Milanese risotto we generally recommend a dose of 12/15 threads per serving (80-90 grams of rice), or 0.15 grams for a risotto for four people. Keeping this dose a rich risotto is cooked, keep in mind that the typical saffron sachet is 0.125 and our saffron is certainly tastier than the industrial one.  The spice is successfully cultivated in Italy, where there are extensive crops in the MarcheAbruzzo and Sardinia. of noteworthy cultivation are found in Umbria and Tuscany.

dosage of saffron

Dosage of Saffron in Threads

The saffron in pistils in terms of weight yields exactly the same as that in powder, it is in fact the same spice. The typical saffron sachet is 0.15 or more often 0.125 grams and is enough for a Milanese risotto for four people. The content of one sachet is about one teaspoon. We recommend if you want a tasty risotto to abound with saffron and consider a dose of 0.25 grams for 6/8 people. The beauty of pistils (or to be correct, stigmas) is that they can help you to better dose the spice, since not everyone has a precision balance that detects the hundredth of a gram. The dose 0.25 is given by about 35 flowers, each flower is divided into 3 threads (stigmas), 0.25 grams of spice are therefore approximately 110/120 threads of saffron. You can then do your equivalences. If, on the other hand, the spice is a note of taste in a complex dish, you have to dose how much saffron aroma you want to give, keep in mind that it is a very tasty spice and that a few pistils are enough to flavor a dish or to give a perfume.


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