Vintage Corn Tortilla Chips


Flavoured Tortillias with full and intense flavours.

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Vintage Corn Tortilla Chips contains 18 bags x 40′ gr, of three different flavoured Tortillias: sweet chili, lightly salted, nacho cheese.

Tortillas are made with the finest crops: with a full and intense flavour, lovingly hand crafted. Carefully selected ingredients and controlled production processes to guarantee natural products. Fox’s handcooked chips are cooked with the traditional method which gives them a distinct and characteristic flavour.

100% natural products, 100% Palma oil free, pure sunflower oil, fresh sweet corn and thicker than ever.

The package contains: 18 bags x 40 gr



Fox Italia is a mixture of culture, regional identity and family company. This company is an example of Italian excellence, that makes the Made in Italy tradition its strength. Its snack are characterized by excellent features that makes them exceptionally tasty.

For over 25 years Fox Italia produced snacks with natural ingredients like: corn, peanuts, rice, potatoes and vegetable oil. The high quality, the great flavour and the  genuineness make the snacks sold all over the world.


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