Vecchio Ducato Balsamic 2 Monete – 250ml


  • 6 pieces per box
  • Taste: pleasantly bittersweet, balanced
  • 250ml bottle
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Recommended for: salad, crudités, white and red meat, fish, omelettes.

About the Brand

As often happens in the Modena area, Casa Mussini also has a history that has its roots in the past. The love for balsamic, a taste linked to the all-local tradition made of grapes and cooked must, has in fact been handed down from generation to generation by our grandparents and fathers to the entire family. In all this time, Casa Mussini has been able to develop knowledge, technique and skills, but also passion, love and foresight. The same that, today, allows us to be a traditional company but projected towards the future, capable, that is, of following in the footsteps of the past while applying the most modern techniques and the most contemporary tools, as well as deep knowledge of the food & beverage trends of the time for a constantly evolving product.







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