Sicily Orange Jam- 340gr


  • 1 jar 340 gr
  • jar per boxes 6

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What an enchantment to cross the lush and unspoiled Sicilian valleys, filled with neat rows of fragrant oranges, proud to offer their precious fruits, juicy and fragrant pearls, meticulously controlled to offer only authentic excellence. All their intoxicating scent and sublime flavor are contained in the Villa Reale Supreme Sicilian Orange Marmalade. Created as only the best tradition requires, according to techniques of masterful wisdom, it is revisited with creativity and innovation by our Chefs to offer a culinary creation of luxury and of the highest quality. Ideal to spread on a slice of bread for breakfast or a snack, or to fill cakes, pies and croissants.


Sicilian oranges (fresh pulp with peel and juice) 55%, sugar, fruit pectin.

Origin of the tomato



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