Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 36 months – La Fattoria di Parma


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This product is produced by La Fattoria di Parma with traditional methods in Their dairy farms and aged for 36 months. Storage recommendations: in a cool dry place, away from heat.


The start of La Fattoria di Parma, a new production project, Began in 1968 by Guido and Anna Maria Pongolini, on Their family ham factory in the heart of Parma. With the addition of Their children joining the team and their determination to strive for attention to detail on the company skyrocketed into ‘Extreme Quality’. Today, with 150 years of experience With Their factory and creating quality cured meats they are welcoming guests from all over to take tours of Their pride and joy.


This product is ideal for creating corporate gifts. The minimum order is 100 pieces, available in 10 working days. The product can be customized. Ask for a quotation.


La Fattoria di Parma


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