PGI Salted Capers 100 gr – Sicily


  • Italian salted capers
  • PGI from Pantelleria
  • 100 gr bag
  • 12 bags per box

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PGI Salted Capers are the edible flower buds small newborn . They are appreciated not only for its taste but also for their texture. They are used mainly in raw dishes like salads and appetizers or to garnish the dishes. Capers are from the beautiful island of Pantelleria. The caper plant has been used as food historically as they were actually mentioned in the Bible, in classic greek and Latin literature. Historically used as a medicine or a cosmetic, the main use has always been as food. Once the caper is picked, it then is carefully cleaned and divided into different sizes. The capers are kept under salt to preserve the strong aroma.
After this, there are two phases. The first occurs after harvesting one places the capers in special brick containers and covers them with sea salt. The salt dissolves because of the waters in the capers creating a form of pickling effect, this occurs in 7 – 8 days. Then the capers are drained from the pickled water and salted again. The second step the capers are then divided according to the sizes and preserved under sea-salt.

About the Brand

In 1971 , the producers of ” Pantelleria capers ” founded the Cooperative of Capers to find the right answer to the problem of protecting the quality of capers island .The initiative was successful and today the Cooperative is the leader not only in Italy but also in Pantelleria . Each year the 250 producer members gather in 1,500 tons of Cooperative capers , carefully selected after a careful quality examination .Superior quality is the characteristic that distinguishes the products Capers Pantelleria and the Cooperative is its guaranty both for customers and for consumers . For this purpose was the constant action of the Cooperative which saw recognized for superior quality Caper of Pantelleria, the PGI Salted Capers (Protected Geographical Indication)



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