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This gift set includes high quality 100% Italian products, and free delivery!

  • One package of 200g Pany da Lory Alkermes and almond biscotti
  • One package of 200g Pany da Lory almond biscotti
  • One heart shaped box of 129g Baci Perugina Chocolates


 Many liquor have a good revenge entering as protagonists in biscuits, often just with a perceptible note without be invasive. The Cantucci alkermes with toasted almonds, are delicately aromatic, exalting the crunchiness and the crispness of the dough and the result is very simple in your mouth. A combination with this liquor could be the white or red sparkling from the late harvest or a sweet liqueur: the choice is yours.

The flavour of our almond biscuit is made by a friable and substantial dough,result of selected and high quality ingredients, skilled tecniques and ideal cooking time. The best combination for the soft and brittle almond biscuit is our typical Vin Santo made inside the historical tuscan wineries. It’s a tradition to deep in a gently way the Cantucci into the liquor wine to invoke the dried fruits and create a rich and intense flavour.

Baci Perugina are still exclusively produced in Perugia, and the recipe remains unchanged: a perfect combination of a fine coating of delicious dark chocolate and a creamy gianduja and chopped hazelnut filling, crowded with a crunchy whole hazelnut. Since its inception, Baci Perugina has captured the imaginative, romantic spirit of the chocolates themselves; and since the 1930s each Baci Perugina is wrapped with a Love Note. It’s no wonder to give a Baci Perugina is to say “I love you” the Italian way.

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