Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500 ml


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The bottle of 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Olio Vù is enclosed in a refined transparent glass container, with a a wooden dripless lid.

The oil has a amber yellow color with green reflections, it has a fruity taste with hints of grass with spicy notes.



The olive growers of the Vùlture, a mountainous area of ​​Basilicata in south Italy, have created the consortium of the “Frantoiani del Vùlture” to defend and valorize the quality of their territory.

The olive groves  of Basilicata are the oldest in Italy and today in the region there are 27 different varieties of olive. The Vùlture area’s makers have made sure that their products got the DOP certification.

Each product has a singular taste, that is created from the mix between the olive groves of the Vùlture area and other olive cultivars typical of the region.

The olives cultivation process is linked to the Mediterranean climate of the Basilicata geographical area, while the harvesting is manually done.


This product is ideal for creating corporate gifts. The minimum order is 100 pieces, available in 10 working days. The product can be customized. Ask for a quotation.


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