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The beautiful taste of Marchesi’s 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil will transport you to an Italian olive grove. Don’t miss out on experiencing a true taste of Italy with this superior quality olive oil.


The guarantee of high quality is provided by the certification “Sabina D.o.p.” . This is done on the entire production, from olive, the mill (Control the temperature of pressing), up to storage (stainless steel containers with nitrogen polmonizzazione) and bottling (with semi-automatic machines in stainless steel). The oil is subjected to chemical analysis-organoleptic by the laboratories of the CCIAA. of Rome, that after being subjected to 9 different parameters of analysis determines the suitability test by Pannel, ie the taste sensory performed by different tasters.

Origin: Roma

Ingredients: Extra vergin olive oil 94% Basil 5% Natural Flavourings 1%

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