High Quality Ancient Variety Italian Rice


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Gigante Vercelli rice is an ancient variety that Ideariso recovered in purity and put back into cultivation and which, by decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, is responsible for the preservation as a historical variety.

Low yields, the organoleptic characteristics and natural resistance to disease are the features which formerly had selected this variety to obtain a product excellent and healthy. These items, still today, make it a unique rice in the preparation of risotto. The large grains remain separate when cooked while making a creaming risotto itself. At Gigante Vercelli we reserve the fields with higher vocation for the variety, all located in the province of Vercelli.

From all this comes the definition of “QUALITA’ ASSOLUTA”  to ensure the preservation of the quality, the rice is packaged in a protective atmosphere immediately after processing.

500 gr – 6 portions – suitable for risotto.



IdeaRiso, is a company born from the passion and knowledge of the rice of its members, that wants to propose an excellent variety of rice, always respecting nature..

Each type of IdeaRiso rice is the result of the combination between Italian tradition and innovative production methods.

IdeaRiso’s innovation has not stopped at the proposal of innovation to meet different food and taste needs, but has also developed a unique, elegant and design packaging.






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