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Gluten Free Chocolate Panettone is a new version of the typical Milanese sweet that announcing Christmas, that is a symbol of conviviality and serenity. The chocolate drops give it a unique flavor that you can not give up.

About the Brand

Alimenta2000 was born in 1998 in Somma Vesuviana, in the province of Naples, in southern Italy. The company begins to devote itself to gluten-free nutrition by creating a line of products that can meet the needs of celiac consumers.
Over the years, the company improves both product quality and distribution-related services, becoming an ever-increasing reality in the gluten-free food supply sector, ranking among the first in Italy and manufacturing gluten-free products and because it was one of the first companies in Italy in this field.
Since 2000, the company has marketed baked goods and pastries, and since 2002, following the growing demands of the market, Alimenta2000 has decided to set up a plant dedicated to the production of gluten-free products in order to constantly expand the range of products.


Gluten Free Chocolate Panettone Ingredients: gluten-free preparation (rice starch, maize starch, rice flour, lean milk powder, velvet sugar, potato starch, pea protein, guar, CMC), eggs, sugar, milk, butter, yolk, yeast , 8% chocolate, CMC, aromas, sorbic acid, xanthan.


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