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Gift Box: Varzino Salami contains a Vecchio Varzi Salami PDO called “Varzino” (500g). This Gift Box: Varzino Salami is perfect as a Christmas Gift for friends and family.

Vecchio Varzino Salami are obtained from the processing of Italian pork according to the precise production regulations established by the P.D.O. They are slaughtered in certified laboratories, then treated and checked with care and attention during each phase of the production and refinement process.

About the Brand

Vecchio Varzi company was born in 1974 in the province of Pavia, Lombardy and it was one of the first to modernize itself, using only raw materials of excellence and cuts of fine meats. In fact, in 2001 the production was moved to a larger facility to increase production capacity thanks to excellent production processes and cutting-edge machinery.
The Salame di Varzi obtained recognition of the Denomination of Controlled Origin in 1989 and, since 1996, has also been certified as a Protected Designation of Origin at international level.
Today it has been estimated that the Vecchio Varzi company produces about a third of all the production of D.O.P. Salami of the geographical area of Varzi.

The abbreviation D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) designates a product originating from a region and a country, whose qualities and characteristics are essentially or exclusively due to the geographical environment from which it comes (a term that includes natural and human factors). All production, transformation and processing of the product must take place in the area delimited by the D.O.P., in compliance with a well-defined traditional recipe (Production Regulations). The recognition in 1996 at the European level of the D.O.P. sanctioned this direct and exclusive relationship between Salame di Varzi and the geographical area in which it is produced; this includes the territories of only 15 municipalities in the province of Pavia, among which the main one is obviously Varzi, where our cured meat factory is based. The D.O.P. constitutes an important guarantee for the consumer, who thus knows he is buying quality food, which must meet specific requirements; respect ensured by specific control bodies, authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.



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