Fruit composed of 80%: Apricots, 230 gr – Fieschi 1867



Fieschi 1867 jam contains 80% fruit and small amounts of sugar, suitable for children’s snacks or for a special sweet combination. Ideal also for accompanying cheeses, for make pies and also for be spread on the cracked slices.

Apricots Ingredients: 80% Apricots, brown sugar, lemon juice.

Jar size: 230 gr



Since 1867 the Fieschi company produces nougat, mustard and sweets typical of Cremonese area using only selected ingredients of excellent quality, natural and coming from organic farming, without preservatives and O.G.M.

The company’s main goal is to research and rediscover the taste of local food tradition creating high level products.

Fieschi 1867 has achieved many certifications both national as international level thanks to the passion and commitment that have always been employed to gain the loyalty of a large clientele.


Fieschi 1867


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