Aged Balsamic Vinegar PGI – 250 ml


  • PGI – Protected geographical indication
  • aged
  • 250ml
  • glass bottle

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This Aged Balsamic Vinegar PGI is a product that goes well with all different types of cuisine, enhancing flavors and aromas of the dishes in which it is used. The process is still in wooden barrels, also of large size must concentration of the seven typical vines duly mixed with vinegar and possibly cooked must. For Aged Balsamic Vinegar PGI the curing time ranges from 60 days to three years (Matured) and from three years to 12 years old (Aged). These large time differences allow the producer to perfect products vary in quality and thus respond to market demands.

About the Brand

The history of fattorie giacobazzi is dotted with a string of hits due to the great passion for the balsamic vinegar that attached it to the memory of his mother, who died prematurely. This passion for the product inevitably influenced the children and grandchildren that they began to collaborate on the vinegar aids, such as agriculture, wine growing production of cooked must and maintenance of the Traditional Balsamic vinegar. The company’s productions, at least those of greatest value, are a closed cycle, from the grapes to the finished product. Fattorie Giacobazzi has created a niche in the market producing its own brand products (Fattorie Giacobazzi, Nonna Carlotta, Carlo Magno, Balsaurum and Dispensa Ducale) my reed to Customer’s brand. The company is recognized for the excellent quality of its products, and the directors Angelo and Leonardo are also actively involved in the various local consortia and associations with the aim of promoting and defending originality and modern tradition.




wine vinegar*, concentrated grape must*, cooked grape must*, colour: E150d*. *CONTAINS SULPHITES.

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Fattorie Giacobazzi

Brand of Italian Balsamic Vinegar


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