A study of the Italian National Institute for Tumors, directed by Professor Vicenzo Laffaioli, shows that Buffalo milk reduces the formation of metastases and the growth of tumor cells.


During the research a test group of animals, with a tendency of evolving tumors on the anaplastic and the colorectal thyroid, was fed with Buffalo milk. A second group with the same genetical tendency was fed with cow’s milk.

After six weeks the two groups were tested to monitor the growth of the tumors and the number of new metastases.

The surprising results

The number of metastases of the tested individuals that were fed with cow’s milk decreased by 15%. The group that was fed with Buffalo milk experienced a loss of 25% of their metastases.

The total mass of their tumors decreased by 7% while the tumors of the test group nourished with cow’s milk shrank by 5%.


The reserchers see the reason for the difference of the results in the butyric acid, which is twice as high in Buffalo milk as in cow’s milk.

Experts assume that animal-based products have an important impact on the growth of cancerous tumors. Studies like this could change the medical point of view on recommended diets for cancer patients in the next few years.

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