Their idea to create a firm of gastronomic products preserved in oil came directly from the experience in the field of Giovanni Pugliese; founder and managing director of another firm of this products for over thirty years. The devotion and passion of Mastrototaro family, who runs a fifty hectares farm and a wooden vegetable-fruit packing firm also helped form this product.

Together they decided to create new synergies in order to improve their products that come from their landed properties and to convert vegetables into high quality gastronomic product for our table. PUGLIESE produces pulped tomatoes, precooked tomato sauces, different kinds of pesto and paté, high quality condiments for bruschetta made according to the oldest rustic Apulian recipes. Because of this they have made it possible to preserve the genuine smell of the handmade preserves, real tastes which satisfy the finest of palates.




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