The guarantee of high quality is provided by the certification “Sabina D.o.p.” This is done on the entire production, from olive, the mill, up to storage, and bottling. The oil is subjected to chemical analysis-organoleptic by the laboratories of the CCIAA of Rome, that after being subjected to 9 different parameters of analysis determines the suitability test by Pannel, i.e. the taste sensory performed by different tasters.

Extra virgin olive oil quality, certificate D.O.P. Sabina. The oil DOP Sabina, characterized by herbaceous some tips, or artichoke thistle, with its typical fruity meets the expectations of the consumer who wants to find in virgin olive oil smell and taste their olive. For balance and harmony that emerges from its descriptors can be no doubt as to call it an oil of extreme elegance. Produced from olives that are harvested at the ideal time veraison, the variety “Oil mill”, “Carboncella”, “Leccino” and “Salviana” ,which are crushed before the day of collection, is stored in stainless steel tanks before being bottled on the farm.

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