It is from oil that the entrepreneurial adventure of one of the most famous Genoese families began in the mid-1800s: the Costa family. The company “Giacomo Costa fu Andrea” was born in 1860, founded by the brothers Giobatta (1825/1892) and Giacomo Costa (1836/1910). From 1880 Giacomo became the sole owner and with the help of his sons Luigi, Eugenio, Enrico and Federico, the “Olio Costa” brand became more and more known. With the development of the Costa company, there was a great increase in the export of olive oil from our country, which reached America to bring a bit of Italy to the tables of our emigrants. good job, the gold medal at the St. Louis International Fair, confirmed in 1915 at the S. Francisco International Exposition. Over the years, the transport of olive oil became more and more massive, so much so that in 1925 the Costa company bought the first steamers for trade in the Mediterranean. Thus part of the large family began to take care of that shipowning branch that over time transformed the steamers into famous cruise ships, which still sail the seas all over the world today. Thanks to the ships, the oil produced and marketed with the company “Giacomo Costa fu Andrea” reaches the Italians who emigrated to America with the most famous brand we coined: Olio Dante, one of the first to be present on the tables of all Italians.The experience and passion for olive oil has been handed down from father to son and in recent times with the sixth generation, ours, we wanted to recover a tradition that has come down to us thanks to grandfather Eugenio and father Lorenzo.

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