Di Costa Marie Angie

Di Costa Marie Ange is a brand owned by Di Costa S.p.A, an Italian company located in the beautiful Sicilian land.
Its founder, Vincenzo Di Costa, since the age of 17 decides to concentrate all his strength and passion in love for the confectionary world.
With the desire to grow and gain experience, Vincenzo decides to leave Sicily to the discovery of Belgium, France and some cities in northern Italy, deepening her studies and her pursuits by doing activities related to the processing of chocolate, jams and bakery products.
After a few years returning to Sicily, he started a small workshop focusing on the processing of marzipan fruit, which he decided to sell in the best Italian stores. With the growing demand for marzipan and his experience, Vincenzo decided in 1986 to found Di Costa Vincenzo “Sicilian Sweet Industry”.
With his company, Vincenzo decides not to concentrate production only on Sicilian specialties but wants to bring the image of the Italian confectionery culture in the world: chocolate, nougat, baked goods.
In 1995 was opened the new headquarters of the company in Francavilla, in Sicily.
In 2008 the company becomes an S.p.A and Anna Di Costa,¬†Vincenzo’s sister, assumes the role of general manager.

In 2015, a shrinking company is established in Paris, Di Costa France, to encourage the expansion of the confectionary brand in the French market.
Over the years, the company has been able to enter the private label market, and the products are destined both to the market in Italy and abroad.
Over the years, Di Costa has become an important entrepreneurial reality in the Italian confectionery market, selling its sweet specialties both on the national territory and in the foreign markets to which it exports, reaching many countries in the world.

Di Costa Marie Ange Tin Box

 Alongside the official brand Di Costa, born a new and unique graphic as a gift idea.

Over time, the tin boxes by Di Costa Marie Ange have become a collector’s item, searching all over the world for floral motifs and small winged fairies that populate pastel-colored fairytale landscapes.
A large number of models, colors, and shapes hide perfect butter biscuits, still produced in Sicily with high quality ingredients and remarkable controls



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