Mediterranean Diet: The Best in the World

Mediterranean dieta has been ranked the best in the world by the best diet ranking 2021 elaborated by the U.S. media U.S. News & World Report!

Extra Virgin Oil Benefits for Mom and Child

Extra virgin olive oil is a typical ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, whose characteristics are scientifically recognized as essential for the growth of children and the well-being of adults….

Carbonara Day: All You Need To Know

Carbonara Day is celebrated – promoted by Union food pasta makers and by Ipo (International Pasta Organization) with the We Love Pasta website – which last year involved over 500 million people who they participated on…

Italian recipes

Saffron and Mushrooms Gnocchi Recipe

Saffron and Mushrooms Gnocchi Recipe

This saffron and mushrooms gnocchi recipe is delicious and very quick to make. Gnocchi are an ancient food invented in Veneto initially prepared with various types of flours (wheat, rice) or even with dry bread or breadcrumb, sometimes vegetables of various types were...

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Italian Food: are you an expert?

Paccheri Pasta

Neapolitan paccheri perfectly absorb condiments and blend with any ingredient thanks to their convexity and their rough surface retain the sauces and guarantee an incomparable taste….

Why Saffron is Expesive

Saffron produced in Italy is a very high quality product, often sold at much higher prices than saffron that comes from Iran or Morocco….

Lasagne Pasta

Lasagna is a typical first course of Emilian gastronomy, a recipe known and appreciated throughout Italy plus it is also the Italian Sunday dish par excellence….

Pappardelle Pasta

Pappardelle are a type of pasta of the Tuscan homemade tradition, made of a mixture of flour, eggs and salt combined with art to form wide strips, rustic and rough to the touch…


Fusilli are a type of pasta, originally from Campania. In Gragnano, to these days, they are made by hand, rolling spaghetti with a wire and then drying them…

Discover Italian Food Lands!

Discover Mantua

Mantova is the Italian capital of culture. It is famous for its artistic heritage, but also for its culinary tradition.

Discover Sardinia

Sardinia island is famous for its beaches and the beautiful color of the sea, but it also has a rich and ancient culinary tradition, handed down from generation to generation.

Discover Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre landscape is a stretch of coastline of the Ligurian east coast where there are five little villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore.

Discover Biella

Biella is a small town in Piedmont famous in the textile sector and with a large culinary tradition in which cheese reigns over all other products.

Discover Turin

Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region and is considered one of Italy’s most important university, artistic, tourist, scientific and cultural centers.

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