Gluten Free Hamper


The Gluten Free Hamper contains a selection of gluten free friendly products (certified and quality products).

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The Gluten Free Hamper contains: a can of 100% arabica coffee Vergnano 250 gr, a box of prepared chocolate flavour mousse Baratti 90 gr, a bar of gluten free organic milk chocolate “GO*DO” ICAM 85 gr, a case of assorted candies Leone 80 gr, a case of gluten free Canestrelli typical italian biscuits “Granò” Panarello 120 gr and a case of soft nougat with almonds Sperlari 75 gr,



The ReRegalo line of baskets and strennies is born with a specific goal: bring Italian excellence on the shelves of supermarkets and hypermarkets.

In fact, after 30 years of activity in the reconditioned gift baskets, the company Re Regalo have realized that it is difficult to find cured and valuable solutions able to arouse that joy in the eyes of receiving a gift at such a special time of the year. In fact, the markets are full with undifferentiated solutions, and all of them don’t represent the idea of gift or how the gift should be.

ReRegalo works with a careful selection of products (certified and quality products) a handcrafted basket or handcraft composition (with the details of what will be the final presentation) and a dedicated packaging designed to improve the gift. These are the underlying elements of ReRegalo’s idea.

These are the elements that create amazement, surprise and joy in the eyes of the people who receive a basket ReRegalo during the festivities.

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