cacciatore salami


“Cacciatore” in English means “hunter” because according to the Italian tradition this salami was once the hunter’s meal during the hunting trips.
The Cacciatore Salami is meat-based and is characterized by a small size, a soft paste, and a sweet but tasty taste.
The Cacciatore is a P.D.O certified product (Protected Designation of Origin). It is produced only with Italian raw materials:  noble cuts of pork, salt, pepper and traditionally a pinch of garlic; it is aged for at least 10 days before being sold.
The Cacciatori Salami are protected and valued by the Consortium Cacciatore, the control organ set up in June 2003, with the aim of combating abuses, imitations, and counterfeits on national territory and abroad, and the aim of improving the quality and production process of the Cacciatore Salami.
Starting from November 2017, the Cacciatori Salami protected by the consortium will have a new label. Above these new labels will be written the new name of the consortium brand “Italian Cacciatore P.D.O.”. In addition to the new label, the Consortium will make changes in the production process, eliminating milk derivatives from the ingredients to have a product with a simpler and more natural recipe, that can be purchased by consumers with problems of intolerance or allergy to milk and its derivatives.
The need for a new method of labeling is a direct consequence of wanting to pass the product “Cacciatore” as a true Italian product, a symbol of Italianism, and secondly to distinguish this excellent product from other Italian products identified as “Cacciatori” even if they are not.

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